Writing meaningful unit tests in Angular applications (Part-2)

Expertise level: Novice

Continuing from our previous example where a button click calls out to a method, we can put in the following spec in the same suite

  fit('should result in a notification when *Send Via Email* button is clicked', () => {
    const buttonOnClickhandler = spyOn(component, 'sendViaEmail');
    component.selectedItems.length = 1; // Mocking the length of items - To enable buttons for click events

    const buttons = fixture.debugElement.queryAll(By.css('button'));
    const sendViaEmailButton = buttons[1];

    fixture.whenStable().then( () => {

Observe how we pick one particular button out of multiple shown on the page.

In case you are wondering, once you arrive at a Native Element i.e. by means of operation chain fixture.debugElement.query(By.css('elementType').nativeElement, you can use all DOM operations over it such as appending to innerHTML, adding or removing classes etc.