Shashank Sabniveesu

Web Development Series (Part 2)

Today I landed on a beautifully coded website. I said ‘beautifully coded’! -

What’s so beautiful about it?

Inspect the HTML. Then, the JS. Yeah! There’s just one JS file. Then, you can’t stop but wonder what’s the CSS looks like?! Can you? And it too has no cryptic machine generated names.

No obfuscated class names in HTML! No strange scripts downloaded in the background that take over control over how you name your divs and classes! No poor semantic JS function names since you handcoded it entirely!

What is this? Is the designer/developer (rs232 - Super Moderator - Staff member at LinksysInfo) so aligned with the manifesto of

How I ended up here? (The backstory)

For a while I followed the development of TomatoUSB firmware - A firmware for our wireless home routers and I ended up in this thread -

The link directly posted is a subdomain hosting a wiki site. Then I got naturally curious to find out what the actual domain looks like and there I found out the site is so slick and so is the markup, script and styling behind it!