Things to do when you are bored

Here are the things that fall under one or many of the below categories:

At any given time, the item with the longest description gets priority to be pulled out, a product backlog to be worked on and to be focussed on for the month

Another location to look in is my cloud

Sl. No. DateTime Idea/task Major category
1 Sun Oct 6 2019 04:26 PM Eastern Time Machine Learning and Neural Networks - Free online book/course
2 -do- Build an Ionic app that reads tomorrow temperature from a Weather API and alerts you to fill air in car tyres next morning. Should activate everyday at 8:00 PM. Upload to Play store Mobile apps - Ionic, Angular
3 -do- Work on compression algorithms: - Download test corpuses; After implementation, make each available via web services; Produce graphs; (naive) character encoding, gzip, zlib, brotli, Microsoft’s new algorithm, zippads from MIT CSAIL Compression algorithms
4 -do- Make your email inbox look like an Agile board with 5 columns; No more labels/folders at all; Snooze feature to move emails from ToDo to an invisible folder Web application - Angular, email hosting
5 -do- Make a taskboard that resembles Padlet and Google Keep; some sections should be publicly accessible (as Padlets does) while others aren’t We application - Angular
6 -do- Google Drive - mutual-funds-etfs.pdf Financials - Book
7 -do- Yogurt pack estimator; should output no. of boxes to buy and reminders to set; Project duration: 10 hrs. Web aplication - Angular