Welcome Email to On Ramp to Python teaching sessions

Hello all,

Happy Monday! I just got back from returning your assignments. In case you aren’t aware, our favorite does not send email notifications.

So please remember to login at least once a day and check if you have any submissions returned, questions answered etc.!

Haven’t gotten to your assignments yet? Please do before Wednesday at the least so we, the facilitators, can have time to go through and respond to your submissions.

Wait, who are you again?

Ahem, I’m Shashank, your facilitator for week-1. My co-facilitator xxx is CCed here. Every Thursday 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, you’ll see us alternating to lead the session that day.

A peek into Thursday class

During the Thursday classes, we’d need most of the time to go over the “Virtual Session Coding” itself.

It is fine to have questions over a given week’s reading material and assignments. We’ll cover them too.

Please make sure to arrive into Zoom (link will be sent soon) at least 10 minutes early and also stay logged into Trinket. The class starts exactly at 6:30 PM

For this first week, be prepared to share with the class your 30-sec intro. We’d like to know who you are, what got you interested in programming and signing up for this class

Feedback for me? Please share

Have I missed anything? Got any questions to ask? You can always email me.

Not-so-essential Reading

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