Setting up Matrix Server for Community Learning Project (Part 1)


Think of Slack. Think of Discord. This is a real-time communication forum enabling our continued learning. The difference: we are in control of our data


Virtual or otherwise, interested learners got together for 6 weeks to learn and practice Python programming language for more than 2 years. At the end of every offering, our participants asked: What’s next?, Is there a Level-2?

We now launch this platform so our alumni and alumni-to-be can get together to enhance their learning. Learning is an ongoing journey and our goal is to extend the path we laid.


Our server is hosted at To join the community and login later, proceed to How do I guides


We are the staff of Carnegie library of Pittsburgh and volunteering facilitators associated with program On Ramp to Python: A Six Week Introduction to Coding

How do I..?



We can guide you using this web app:

Element webapp home screen

You have more choices such as this and sophisticated setups such as this

Privacy Policy

  1. We don’t associate your email address with your account on this server. Yayy! Matrix
    1. Unless you wish to use the Forgot Password feature
      1. We do not use it for any other purposes
  2. We won’t have anything to do with your data
    1. In fact, you may participate in our community by hosting your data on your own server
      1. Yes, we welcome you that way too!
  3. Anything else you are concerned about? Please ask. We care about privacy and responsibility too