My story of quitting Instagram

That was an easy one!

I created an account at Instagram in December 2018, logged in once (or twice).

Came back in early January 2019 to find the message “Your account has been disabled for violating our policies”)

Whoa! What policies? How was it determined that I violated? What are my options to get this sorted (if I wanted to)?

No help.

Apparently, accounts of many people get disabled in this manner for no reason as seen in this Medium post.

Yeah, there was a petetion for that. Crazy, isn’t it? Read through the article to find out about Idea #2 where the tip is to randomly poke ‘People who work at Instagram’ using LinkedIn to get your account reactivated! Haha

That was my shortest relationship story, with Instagram – an account that got deleted/disabled automatically (kinda!). There was hardly any of my data except for the linked Facebook account whose deletion story you’ll read next.