Life of a car series: It’s 8 years! And your car just won’t start (Part-1)

A.k.a Help me! Oh my god! I can’t just start my car. What do I do now?.

Assuming you got your basic checked off such as

You might be having one or mroe fo these factors affecting the car:

One of the following systems is failing:

Car Battery
The same thing that also keeps the entire electrical system powered - Your lights, dashboard, audio system
The device that charges your battery using the engine power while car is running. Tell me, did you ever connect your car battery to your wall socket next to your iPhone at night. Nah? Then who has ben charging it all the time, eh!?
A small device, mostly unreachable from the hood, that intitially kick starts when you start the car after turning it off. This is the thing that responds to your ignition at first when you press the button/turn the key on

So, we have are to do the following

  1. Jump start your car so you can drive to a place that does full battery-alternator-starter (colloquially, “battery system”) test such as Autozone
  2. Ask a friendly rep at Autozone to do a full system check explaining them the situation

Then based on their guidance, plan to replace soon/buy and get it replaced then and then there. Installation by Autozone is free!

My costs

I spent a whole week since I have another car at my disposal. In short, here’s the series of events:

I read around and went onto Amazon to order a Link required that got delivered via ‘Overnight shipping’

Since I elected to purchase a new battery ($209.90 + 10% tax) in their story, the installation was free. In fact, for the test, they freely removed the battery and thereafter putting in a new one instead of the old had to be free as well!

Once the battery is installed, I requested the person to run the ful system test again and everything looked great! I adjusted my clock (and turned up the volume which went to zero :D) and off I drove to write this piece.

Did I skip any detail you felt was important? Do you wish I explained any piece better? If so, please Tweet your reply or Open an Issue referencing the title.

See you again soon!