Learning Tamil Series (Part 11)

Tamil - Netru engaluku corona voochi kedachachu
English - Yesterday we received Corona vaccine

Tamil - voochi (Thaduppusi)
English - Injection (Vaccine)

Tamil - elunthein
English - stood up (after falling down)

Tamil - mulichan
English - woke up (from sleep)

Tamil - Naan idhai ninaivil vaithu koluvaan
English - I will remember this

Tamil - Mundhuna vaaram naan eppavam pola eludhavillai nanba
English - Last week I did not write like I used to, friend

Tamil - eppavam pola
English - Like I used to (a negative sense; past)

Tamil - Indru yennaku eluthu naal
English - This dday is a writing day for me

Tamil - Endhu alladhu naalai
English - Today or tomorrow

Tamil - Naan onnidam irundhu mundhuna vaaram padithattai elutha porein
English - I am going to write what I learned from you previous week

Tamil - onnidam irundhu
English - From you

Tamil - Ingey ippom ani maNi muppadhu nimisham aguthu
English - It is 5:30 here now