Kickstart your side project pursuit today in a RESTful API way (Talk Suggestion)

So you have an idea, or multiple ideas for a side project. But no idea how to just get started? Overcoming the “Analysis Paralysis” is essential and then planning to get things done alone makes the pursuit manageable. Yes! Just as a full-time software engineer’s day job in an organization, laying out a plan, foreseeing your outcome and the adopting defined processes lessens the stress on mind so we can use it to actually do the project.

Come to this talk to learn about my approach to side project development as a backend developer. We’ll walk through how I planned and started a Machine Learning project that landed me a new job in the recent 6 months.

By the time you leave, you’ll be able to figure out user stories in plain english, plan out the tasks in an “Expected vs Actual” manner, break down the tasks to construct a RESTful API so our part-time projects have a full solid backbone.

Why am I the right person to deliver this talk?

As an experienced backend developer I built solid RESTful APIs to support product dashboards at various companies for over 3 years. From stored static data to real-time big data, I developed standard APIs with best practices in mind and performance as a priority. I gradually adopted what I have been practising in my day job to my night-time side projects. In addition to the programming work, the parts of planning, acting and tracking progress carry equal importance to me now which I wish someone taught me early enough.