Hosting Services Series: Laying out architecture (Part-2)

A.k.a the plan for hosting cloud services we all frequently depend upon.

High-level architecture of cloud

The independent microservices

would be behind a reverse-proxying Nginx.

Further each microservice lives in its own Git repository in the following tentative form:

Repo name:
  1. ui
  2. service
  3. db
Package names
com.fossterer.auth, com.fossterer.calendar, com.fossterer.notes and so on.

Soon enough, every such service gets to be stood up as a Docker container such that thereafter,

  1. they can be run and killed on their own
  2. a simple Nginx server block (or the equivalents in other reverse-proxying servers) can be setup to proxy dedicated domain names to these localhost URLs

The implementation plan

The plan is to move my users away from existing Nextcloud apps one by one as I build secure and usable microservices that can live on their own.


Register/Login index.html

The Register/Login page in the intial stages allows the following mechanisms:

Soon, the following methods would be added