Shashank Sabniveesu

Desert Safari Dubai - Copthorne Hotel

All timings are in Dubai Local Time.

12:15 PM - Plane landed in Dubai. 14hrs. waiting time meant Emirates Dubai Connect Experience - Hotel stay + Visa

1:30 PM - Checked-in at the hotel and as guided by the agent at the counter walked to the station opposite for enquiring tours

2:30 PM - ride to safari from the hotel to start

3:00 PM - Actual ride start with another tourist and me

3:45 PM - 1st stop at a Desert Biking centre. Though we chose not to ride, we were asked to hang around the stores for the next 45 min. Ride prices start at USD 150 for 15 min. and vary with the style of bike

4:30 PM - Turns out, since drivers here feel it safer to do the safari together, this waiting period is in fact to get together a few others to join. Some 10-15 more min. to wait

4:50 PM - we make a move

5:45 PM - We arrive at a camp. A guide advises about the shows(free) and that food at VIP Longue starts 45 min. earlier to that at normal seating. Walked out to go an quick free camel ride

6:30 PM - Appetizers started

7:00 PM - Sufi dance show and a fire show

7:20 PM - Dinner (non-VIP Longue) - salads, rice, noodles and meat barbecue

7:45 PM - Tanura show

8:00 PM - We start the ride back to the hotel

8:50 PM - Reached hotel