About My “Investigations” (in this blog and in general)

For any argument I come across, I stopped retaliating a while ago, for it isn’t socially (widely) acceptable to present counterfactual information expecting a non-emotional response from the other party. Logical thinking is an involved process (else, why do you think PhD is still called a 5-yr or a 3-yr process of “training for research”? Note the word - training) and not everyone always (and for a few, never) act in this manner.

However certain beliefs if not thoroughly investigated can become stong enough (in a manner of self-fulfilling prophecy) that they in turn adversely affect us, the ones we care about and the world as a whole over time. The idea here is to avoid waking up one day and wondering how the world has come to such a position. Logical deduction, scientific inquiry together with the power of measurement (numbers) are essential tools that can positively impact everyone in the world but as Dr Daniel Kahneman states (words changed)

It is not possible for brain to always act in a rational manner

I choose to call my opinions in articles here Investigations since I hold the term Research to refer to a more involved process where dedicated literature and oherwise surveys happen, strict scientific experimentation takes place, peer review is actively conducted and reproducibility is ensured for later verifications. Though reproducibility is the main factor that persuaded me to start this section as a way to record my fidings and I present results of literature surveys conducted in logical manner and allow comments from peers, my works here may not be as strong as those qualifying for a publication and for that matter I don’t have a PhD and hence I back off from using that term.

Instead, I approach the arguments I hear in a logical manner and record my findings here, often with prompts for further questions to self (and the reader), some statistical measures which do not declare by themselves a specific conclusion or simply an incomplete conclusion which indicates my reduced interest in the topic for the time being.

Finally, I request you to acknowledge that this is a personal blog. I humbly declare that any and all comments, ideas to expore further and counter-arguments are always welcome as long as they are presented in an unemotional manner.